July 4th….

July 4, 2018

Spoiler alert… this is not about July 4th the American holiday, this is about July 4th 1989 the day God gave me my best friend.
It would be another three months (in reality a bit more) before we would meet, I was born September 28, 1989. I like to think God absolutely knew what he was doing when he decided two girls would be born in 1989 to two brothers and that these girls would without a doubt be two halves of a whole. That the moment they meet, they would recognize something in the other, something strong, something eternal, something that cannot be broken, something that would carry their bond through time….. something called foolishness, the inert and profound ability to get each other in trouble all the time and agree on doing dumb things.
Two 7 year old’s, loaded into a car by a man one called dad and the other called Uncle Wo, a car headed for a weekend at the lake. A part of the lake in the Northern part of the country, which meant the trip would take most of the day and arrive at said destination at night. We were not amused by this turn of events, we went to bed sulking and we woke up at the crack of dawn, the lake calling to us with its waves crashing on the sand. We decided we would go swimming without adult supervision, needless to say Uncle Wo was not amused when he found us in the lake and we were banned from swimming for the rest of the weekend and were tasked with various forms of chores as punishment. Worst weekend away ever as we watched the rest of the kids have fun in the lake.
So many a tale like this, we never learn. Its a journey full of laughter and arguing, well it was. The arguing and the laughter stopped April 6th, 2013 when Papa decided he wanted you to come home, sometimes I still wonder if Papa knew what he was doing here! He gave us 23 years of your smile and laughter and love. The care and love you gave to your patients and maybe just maybe that was enough. Just the right amount of Mala, to leaving a lasting mark in our hearts, in my heart.
So now there aren’t any dumb ideas being executed, I lie, dumb ideas still exist and find their way to life just not as often as they used to, one half of a whole can’t execute dumb ideas perfectly, its just not fun at all! Death cannot break our something strong and eternal, our something beautiful and intricate… our something called LOVE! You get to watch the rest of my journey from the best seats in the universe and I get to smile and laugh when I feel your presence.
Happy Birthday Mala!!!
P.S we are inching closer to those dirty flirty 30’s (we are a year away)


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