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August 29, 2018

Norway is beginning to feel like my home away from home… could Norway ever top my love for Cape Town?? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️What I do know is that I have fallen for Norway.
May 2017, an unsuspecting me was asked if I would like to travel to Norway to accompany youths with disabilities from Federation of Disability Organizations in Malawi (FEDOMA) as they visit their sister organization Norwegian Association of Disabled (NAD)… who in their right mind who ever say no,especially if you are not working, your days involve looking for work or sitting at home watching anything you possibly can. This opportunity presents itself, of course I said yes and never in my wildest dreams had I ever thought one day I’ll visit Norway.
June 2017, this girl made her way to Oslo…

I had the best time of my life. Visits to the Royal Palace (well, we never got round to the guided tour inside), Parliament and the Aker Brygge Marina

Oslo, has the feel of a big city and a small city at the same time. People are hurrying about to get to where they are going, people rarely smile at you (something I have noticed about big cities in most of the countries I’ve been to but Norwegians are generally just shy people as well sooo there’s that) but at the same time there’s a sense of small city warmth. It was summer, the weather was great so we had a whole lot more fun.
Unlike Bergen where it rained the whole time we were there. We went to the Fløibanen station to take the funicular to go up Mount Fløyen to get the best view of Bergen, but nope, rain and cloud cover we were not able to see Bergen, we ended up having some hot chocolate as consolation.
The second time in Oslo, was in February 2018. It was winter and I absolutely loved it because we all know winter is my favourite time of the year. And experiencing snow for the first time was absolutely magical for me.
By this time I’ve been to two major cities in Norway and when I found out that this time I would be in Trondheim I was ecstatic. I had heard so much about it and how beautiful it was.
So after a delayed flight at Addis Ababa 😒😒 typical! It’s the worst place to have a delayed flight because it’s the worst airport. And almost missing my domestic flight from Oslo to Trondheim, I made it. I had arrived. And for a moment I forgot how tired I was and took in the views, breathtaking.
I quickly remembered how tired I was when I got to the hotel:
1) They could only check me in at 3pm and even if they could, my room was not ready so I had to wait for them to clean my room.
2) I was hungry because let’s be honest Ethiopian Airways serves shit food! So I took a walk to the nearest store, a 7/11 which brings me to point number three
3) I had been booked into a hotel that was miles from the city centre… maybe it’s just me, when I travel I like to be in the city centre so I don’t feel lost and so the 7/11 was my only choice. In their defence they had good food, I was well fed.
4) I’m fed, the full weight of travelling for 24 hours has set in, all I need is a bed, I start to pass out on the lounge and just before I completely pass out, finally they can check me in.
The greatest shock thus far, I find I have to share the place with three other people. And share a bathroom! Oh hell NO. I had been booked into a hostel!!! I had to make my own bed before I could sleep. I’m tired, I don’t want to make my own bed, I just want to sleep. So my experience of Trondheim was quickly becoming unpleasant.
I can share a place, I’m just not sharing a bathroom with strangers nor am I staying too far away from town. But I’m tired, so I pass out and the first thing I do the next day is complain. 4 days down the line I’m moved to an actual hotel with my own bathroom and I finally start to notice Trondheim.
The people smile at you, they want to start conversations, I enjoy the bus rides, so easy to follow the routes. The city has the smell of being by the ocean, reminds me of Cape Town. They have a revolving restaurant in a tower!

How freaking cool is that!!! And the views are spectacular!

I have fallen for Trondheim… the city gives a sense of peace. I’m here for work but I find myself relaxed with a song in my heart. I stay smiling. Trondheim is absolutely amazing.
‘That Malawian Girl’
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