Nostalgic about Trondheim

September 20, 2018

Two weeks after my return from Norway I’m still hangover at how beautiful Trondheim was!!!
On my last weekend, I did not have any work to do, so on the Saturday I walked around Trondheim. I started off from my hotel which was by the Trondheim Sentralstasjon and walked the path along the pier and I could see the Trondheim tower in the distance, where I would actually have my farewell lunch in the Egon Restuarant

I walked over the bridge and found myself in Solsiden. Fun fact: it takes longer to get to Solsiden by bus from the heart of Trondheim. The walk was so much shorter but there’s also the fact that I used a back road so possibly making it shorter. So, I found myself in Solsiden… every time I passed by Solsiden in the bus I saw this building and I wanted to take a picture but I always thought I needed to be standing outside whilst I took the picture… this picture doesn’t do the pictures on this building justice.

I crossed over to the other side of the road and as I was going over the bridge heading back towards central Trondheim, I noticed the Old Town Bridge on my left and I had been wanting to see it. So I make a u-turn and starting walking in the general direction of finding the bridge. I found myself walking in the back roads of Bakklandet

Even though Norway is one of the safest countries on Earth, I couldn’t help but think, not a smart idea walking in back roads with little human traffic, this is how people get kidnapped and trafficked! My mind goes there, this is Probably thanks to watching too much crime and investigation. The back road opens up to some cafe’s and to my right and up a small hill, there it is the Old Town Bridge…

And to my right as I walked towards the bridge were the Trondheim Colours and Wooden Wharfs at Bakklandet…

My exploration of Tronheim stopped at T.G.I Fridays for a plate of Baby Buck Ribs!
I had the most amazing time in Trondheim. I hope some day I get to go back because it stole my heart!
‘That Malawian Girl’
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