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A Subtle Thief of your Heart: Zambia (Part 4)

April 11, 2019

What do you do after such an amazing experience of Vic Falls. You take on the ‘Boiling Pot’.
The Zambian side may have had a ‘dead falls’ but it made up for it with the ‘Boiling Pot.’ On our 3rd day in Livingstone, we went hiking. Our guides advices us to carry some extra bottles of water. He says we will definitely need them. Although on the way down, we dont see why he was so insistent because the decent to the boiling pot is easy. Yup decent, I don’t even know why we were catching an attitude about the water because obviously the ascent would kill us.
And to ensure that we know the climb back up won’t be easy, we find a couple of women resting on a bench and they say ‘piece of advice, it’s not a competition. Take it nice and easy as you come up.’ Solid advice! We are surrounded by trees, the sound of birds and the distant sound of moving water. The further we go down, you can see why it is called the pot. The mountain walls and trees make you feel like you are in an enclosed space as you look up to the sky.

And when you get to the bottom, you understand why it’s called the ‘Boiling Pot.’ On that part of the river, the water churns as though boiling over but also as if it is a whirlpool. And we had the pleasure of watching one guy raft in those water, what we all considered dangerous. To each their own idea of fun. At some point he did over turn and that is the fear, isn’t it. I can swim but I don’t think I want to test my skills like down.

This is the bridge I referred to in Part 2. Where all the bungee jumping happens. (Yes still bummed about not having bungee jumped). We watched the rafters as we prepared to make the climb up. Yes the climb was painful even as we took it nice and easy. We drank all the water we had an attitude about. Stopped at the bench where those nice ladies gave sound advice and when we got to the top were the first to strongly advice a couple to carry some water. They never listened! Who knows what ever happened to them. We tried. We were outstanding advocates for water!
After the hike we decided to go to the crocodile park. It cost $100. To see crocodiles. NO! Just No! We’ve seen crocodiles before. We don’t need to spend that kind of money. We can see them in Malawi for a way cheaper price, thank you very much. Instead we actually made use the pool at the lodge, where ones swimming skills can be used in non threatening ways.
Then we went for a boat cruise, which in my opinion, was surprisingly the best part of the trip 🙊🙊🙊🙊. And its not because of the “free booze” they were offering but I think because for the first time, we sat back and just took it all in. We were not figuring out what to do, activity ridden, we took in Zambia at her very best.

There was a live band on the cruise and I believe this was another reason this was the best part of the trip. As they played, we danced. Everybody on the cruise danced, people from different countries, of different race, religion and cultures formed a circle and danced together, uncaring, united in the rhythm of the African drums and I most certainly can drink to that. And we did! Sunset cocktails, on a sunset cruise called the Lion King 😁😁😁

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