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Coco's Quesadillas

April 26, 2019

Mijn Kitchen and Coffee Shop, Gracià, Love Story and Satemwa Tea Estate are some of the places I would recommend you visit if and when in Malawi, as a biased born and bred Blantyre girl. I have a thousand reasons why not to visit Lilongwe (which I am trying very hard not to share) but today as I wallow in the afterglow of Coco’s at Gateway, I would definitely recommend a trip to the Capital City, Lilongwe.
My sister and I drove up to Lilongwe to process our visa’s for ……. (you will have to wait for that part). Early start, submitted our documents and now we are hungry and need food. I suggest Coco’s to my sister because all I’ve heard is amazing things.
To be honest I would have prefered a different environment than the blandness and lack of personality of a shopping mall. Besides that, the minimalist decor had a rustic feel, with the sense of being in a coffee shop. The waiter passes me the menu and the Quesadillas are the first thing I see on the menu 😁😁😁
That is the first time I see quesadillas on a menu is Malawi and Coco’s wins me over just like that. It also helps that they were actually yummy and they had raspberry ice tea on their specials today, another win! Although I would have preferred watermelon, because the waiter had dangled that carrot but quickly realised that, that was not on the specials menu.

There is a lot I would say about Lilongwe (annoyed and not amused things about the city) but I will give Lilongwe this, they probably have the best eateries in Malawi.
So whilst in Lilongwe, stop by Coco’s and maybe have some quesadillas.
‘That Malawian Girl’

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