The Stars within the Chaos

June 8, 2019

I can’t go into the details but the actions of others cost me my job.

It is with a heavy heart as I write you this email, to inform you that our project will not be moving forward; me paraphrasing the details of the email.

I read that email a couple times over, SHOCKED! I responded to that email a few hours later, as tears fell down my cheeks. I knew I loved the work I did but in that moment I realized just how much I loved the work I was doing.  Granted I did not like the environment I worked in. In that moment I cried over the work we had planned to accomplish in the coming year, the children with disabilities who would have benefited from our project. Not to mention the traveling perks to Norway were amazing.

It is so easy to say, change is good… change SUCKS if you did not plan for it! The therapist in me keeps thinking of unanticipated transition: the timing sucks; I have no control over the situation, there is no role change,  I am going to go sit at home and start looking for a job. In this economy and a country steeped in tribalism, an uphill battle is what I faced. It was a battle I was not ready for! Not wanting to be buried in interview processes, I decided I will turn my private practice into full time rather than part time. It was the best route out and my family was amazing through this process and I was scheduled for the trip I teased you about in my last post.

That trip was the best thing that could possibly have happened to me. Family, great food and wine (a little hint of where you can find both). Arriving home, my best friend informs me I recommended you for my job because I quit. You know this organization as well as I do. It is a start up organization that we have been working on together for a couple of years now. WHAT ARE THE ODDS???

Change sucks but someone told me recently “unanticipated events tend to usher you towards something remarkably unanticipated.” Something greater than you could have imagined! Now I am sitting at the head of an organization, scared SHITLESS, excited and about to do something I love even more. Mental Health. Change has brought me back to what I love the most.

And this is my first post since Sarah at Bloglovr Theme upgraded my blog with all her love. It has come at the right now, as I go and start my new job on Monday. Change sucks but can it bring you towards amazing things.

This is what I learnt from this journey, find the stars within the chaos. They shine brighter than the finds you can easily find.

‘That Malawian Girl’

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